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We fulfill our promise, you realize your dreams.

TEQ Matrix

Who We Are

Our company was founded at by a team of experienced and enthusiastic IT specialists who aspires to make a difference.

We want to do the best we can to introduce innovative but relevant solution to solve real-world problems, and create happy, successful clients.

We are home grown but we can do what other tech giants can’t do, we get close to you, understand your needs and ready to jump in when you needed us the most.

We can’t do magic, we can’t pull a rabbit out of a hat, what we do is pure human technology and passion towards technology, we develop our products and expand its range and variance, to be lined up to form a matrix of technologies, whereby it can be linked, integrated, and work hand-in-hand with each other, hence the company name “TEQ Matrix”, or we’d see it as “Technology Matrix”.

We believe our clients can achieve greater success with our solutions; Success is the keyword to every business; your success is our top priority, as we believe in mutual growth and everlasting friendship, and yes, engaging us is beyond business.

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Our Solutions

Our current range of solutions, expanding soon, and always developing new innovative solutions.

Our Solutions

Tech Blog

We learn, we share, we inspire and we aspire to be better than yesterday.

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Our Services

Create mobile apps specifically for your company needs, including corporate application, BYOD apps that run on mobile devices.

Create web application for e-commerce and other purposes, including online shopping website, Point-of-sale, location tracking, and many more.

We create custom solutions according to your company needs that is beyond off-the-shelf software can do, including logistic management solution, retail management and whatever you can imagine.


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